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Monday, 22 June 2015

Today, we launch our travel insurance products for archaeologists!

Today, we launch our travel insurance products for archaeologists! 

Many travel products will not cover you for excavation and survey work while abroad – you will often find that ‘manual labour’ is excluded from cover – and this would include archaeological work.

We have teamed up with “nowicantravel” to provide cover for “manual labour” as standard.

 Whether you are off on a 12 month backpacking trip and join an excavation for a couple of weeks in Peru or you’re off to France for a 2 week survey – you will be covered.

For single trips, cover can be bought by the day – going as low as £4.22 for a 2 day trip to Europe.

We also have a ‘cruise’ travel insurance product as well as a skiing policy.
Because of some of the work we do with the Disabled Students Association, we also provide cover for individuals who may normally find it difficult to get travel insurance – whether because of pre-existing medical conditions or age, we should be able to get you insured.

Finally, we can also offer group discounts on annual and single trip policies.


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