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Monday, 17 August 2015 – looks interesting for community projects

This looks well worth further investigation!

As stated on their website:

Our aim is to enable you to create a heritage resource for your community,  that will preserve memories, generate new research and interpret lost or forgotten heritage locations or buildings. We can help you with a project that will enable your society, voluntary group or heritage centre, to record and promote your heritage, preserving it for future generations and making it accessible to all.

We can create an interactive, digital, heritage resource in a number of formats which will enable the user to tailor their learning experience so they can view all or part of the information.  The participant can access filmed interviews, mini documentaries, photo galleries, oral history recordings and interviews, or a 3d virtual reconstruction which is an animated sequence of a chosen site from a specific period of history, showing how it may have once looked.

This information can be displayed on a laptop, tablet, pc or touch-screen.  It can be made into a CD-ROM or DVD or put onto a memory stick. It can also be duplicated or downloaded, ensuring your heritage is made available to the widest possible audience.  The company has had nearly 20 years experience working within the heritage sector, creating a range of resources from many different periods of history. The team is led by an archaeologist and work with professional historians and archaeologists specialising in a range of heritage fields"

In addition:

We offer free funding advice, providing support through all aspects of the funding process and have extensive knowledge of appropriate funding bodies with a very high success rate.

We will work with a group from the beginning of an idea right through to the finished project and will seek funding for training packages which will enable your group to take part at all stages.

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