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Risk Assessment

It is essential that you undertake detailed risk assessments prior to all activities.  

This is a requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act, but more importantly (!) you need to do it in order to make sure that you and your staff / volunteers / the public are not going to be injured and so that you have a paper-trail which demonstrates are not reckless and that you are in control.

Your risk assessments will need to be suited to your activities and so it is probably best to build your own.  To assist in this process, I have found some links to a variety of relevant documents which it might be worth reading as part of this process.

This looks like quite a good summary of the requirements: click here

The CIfA has some template documents which can be viewed by following this link: click here
Further examples from the HSE can be viewed at: click here

The good badger also has some info and templates at: click here

Durham University examples at: click here

If you want any further help with this, please email / call.  We could also put you in touch with risk management experts who will do a professional job if you like! 

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