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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Fieldwork opportunities 2015

Have a look at the opportunities on:

Or go directly to the opportunity of your choosing with the links below:

The Poulton Project 2015:

March-29-2015 – August-21-2015


Archaeology Live! 2015:

April-06-2015 – August-23-2015


Thornton Abbey Medieval Hospital and Cemetery 2015:

May-28-2015 – July-26-2015


Meillionydd excavations:

June-01-2015 – July-24-2015


Newbarns, Dumfries and Galloway 2015:

June-08-2015 – August-01-2015


Bamburgh Research Project 2015:

June-08-2016 – August-01-2015


Plumpton, East Sussex:

June-20-2015 – August-01-2015


The Lough Key Archaeological Project:

June-22-2015 – July-05-2015


Bridge Farm, Sussex:

June-26-2015 – August-08-2015


Roman Devon Field School 2015:

July-06-2015 – July-31-2015


Bexley Archaeological Group - Training Excavation 2015:

July-27-2015 – July-31-2015


Archaeology Live! Nottingham Castle:

July-27-2015 – August-14-2015


Piddington, Northamptonshire 2015:

August-01-2015 – August-31-2015


Moistown Excavation 2015:

August-22-2015 – September-06-2015


Woking Palace 2015 Excavation:

September-09-2015 – September-25-2015


The Colemore Project, North East Hampshire:

October-01-2015 – October-18-2015


The Roman Bath-house and Estate at Abbey Fields, Faversham:

July-25-2015 – August-14-2015


Investigation of Prehistoric features at Hollingbourne in Kent:

July-04-2015 – July-10-2015


Excavation of a Roman villa and bath-house in Faversham:

July-25-2015 – August-14-2015


Excavation at the Vale of Pewsey:

July-04-2015 – July-18-2015


Ermine Street Test Pits Community Project:

June-01-2015 – August-31-2015

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