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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Archaeology from Bronze Age Stonehenge country helps experts building huge record of prehistoric objects

Archaeologists working on the Micropasts public archaeology project hope to use a set of drawings and notes relating to artefacts from Wiltshire to create 3D models of some of the finest Bronze Age objects ever found in Britain.

Jennifer Wexler, of the British Museum, where the Bronze Age Index set of cards is held, has examined more than 100 casual finds, lost items and objects from some of the famous barrow cemeteries on Salisbury Plain among the collection, providing detailed descriptions of antiquarian metalwork finds from the past two centuries.

[These cards are a fascinating record of the work carried out in a previous century – and remind me of the work I undertook in 1985 at the Alexand Keiller Museum with the late Isobel Smith.  Dr Smith gave me access to a number of artefacts, as well as to all of the original thin-sections of the Group XIX Mesolithic and Neolithic ground stone axes.  At the time, I believe that they were kept in her attic and I was only allowed to look at them with her present. I believe that I did find the source of the XIX implements - and will divulge all one day.......]  

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