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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Marketing emails are a pain in the neck, but…..


I agree, marketing emails are a pain in the neck.  Like every business we get hundreds every day.  Most are automatically assigned to the “SPAM” folder, but many still arrive in my inbox and I am forced to give them a cursory glance.  It is only on very rare occasions that there is anything of interest or which is worth following up.

So, I get it!!  Please stop sending marketing emails!

In the run-up to April 1st 2015 we have sent a couple of rounds of emails – very carefully targeted to researched and relevant ‘prospects’ who we know are very likely to be interested in our insurances.  Out of the 800 or so emails sent, only one individual has requested that we stop.  I am sad about this because the individual in this instance is the Secretary of a voluntary archaeology group which survives purely on monies donated – and we could have saved them money on their insurances this year………but they are not to know that.

If there was another way, I would use it, but there isn’t! 

Apologies if our emails have clogged-up your inbox or annoyed you – I appreciate that insurance is boring, dull, uninteresting and also a pain in the neck……except when it comes to making a claim…..and choosing your supplier isn’t all about price, but about existing relationships too. 

Anyway there is still time for us to get you an insurance quote in time for your April 1st renewal.  Junk emails or no junk emails, our prices are very competitive this year and you won’t regret getting to know us a little bit better. 

We are very committed to UK archaeology and we want to do our best for the groups that support it!

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