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Monday, 27 April 2015

Ask your local candidates about archaeology and the historic environment

RESCUE is a member of the Heritage Alliance, an umbrella body representing over one hundred heritage organisations with a combined membership of over 6.3 million people (

As part of the election campaign, the Heritage Alliance has drafted a letter, available on their website ( which can be sent to local candidates to focus their attention on the historic environment. RESCUE endorses this letter and hopes that all members and supporters will use it to raise the profile of archaeology and the historic environment with local candidates as the election approaches. Needless to say, the draft can be amended to include issues of local and regional importance which can be overlooked by bodies engaged in campaigning at a national level.

Not great timing at this late stage – as you might find you have written to somebody who is looking for a job after May 7th, but certainly worth keeping the pressure on.

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