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Monday, 7 September 2015

Breaking News: Spitfire Crash

E&G has just been apprised of a vintage Spitfire crash in Kent.

It is not yet clear why the fighter plane had to undergo an emergency landing, during which it ditched in a field and the left-wing was torn off. Sky News has reported that eyewitnesses noticed a stuttering noise coming from the engine in flight, and that shortly after the fighter plane’s engine cut out entirely and it started descending.

Thankfully the pilot wasn’t harmed. 

Fascinatingly, we believe this two-seater Spitfire is the same one that was previously owned by the cousin of E&G’s former owner John Plaister. There are only four extant two-seater Spitfire models; one such model was used in a recent BBC series with Ewan and Colin McGregor chronicling the exploits of the RAF during the Battle of Britain.

E&G’s new website, planned for launch in the near future, will feature an HD image of the Spitfire as mascot of E&G Aviation. E&G Aviation is a scion of our insurance services which will be dedicated exclusively to covering British grass airfields and the craft within them, and is planned for a simultaneous launch with the site.

As for our Spitfire, here’s hoping she enjoys a re-launch of her own in the very near future. 

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