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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Heritage experts slam Shropshire Council’s “master plan” for new housing

Shropshire Council’s “master plan” for 117 new houses within the hinterland of Old Oswestry Hillfort have been described as inappropriate and contrary to national planning policy.

A spokesman said he doubted claims that the development could be screened from the hillfort, adding: “Conservation of views cannot be maintained if development proceeds on this site, so this principle is impossible to implement.”

In a letter of representation for The Prehistoric Society, president Dr Alex Gibson disputes the same point on preserving long distance views, saying: “This cannot be achieved by constructing 117 dwellings within the immediate setting. To compromise the setting and impede views both from and to the monument must be considered as significant harm.”

The latest criticism, by The British Archaeological Trust and the Prehistoric Society, is in response to modifications made by Inspector Claire Sherratt as her examination of the plan comes to a close.

We always assume that people know what they are doing, but there seems to be such a wave of objection to this development – and no real justification for its location – that it can’t be allowed to go ahead. 

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