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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Cheaper option for on-site camera recording

If £299.99 for an on-site camera is just too much, but you want to record what happens on-site overnight / while you are not there, perhaps you would consider one of these instead?

Nextbase InCarCam 101- in Halfords for £49 – though there are many different versions for a variety of prices.

I use one in the car so that I have a record, should I have an accident.  The camera has a memory card on which continuously stores 4 minute ‘takes’ – over-writing the oldest when the memory card is full.  So depending on how long a time-period you want to film, dictates the size of memory card required.

It is very simple to link the camera to the computer to review the footage – as well as view it on the camera’s in-built screen.

There might not be huge savings on your insurance, but there will be on your peace of mind!!

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