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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Storing equipment on-site in a locked shed?

Perhaps worth looking at a PIR (motion) activtated camera that will text/e-mail the pictures to you.  You can then 'hot-foot' to site and make sure that your equipment is safe!

On activation the camera will text or e-mail images to your phone or computer. This system will give you pictures of anyone who is up to no-good within seconds of setting off the camera.

Colour pictures/ Video /night vision pictures.

Up to 4 mobile numbers and 4 email addresses at one time.

It runs on AA batteries and requires a 'pay as you go' or contract mobile phone sim card.

It is quite pricey at £299.99, but it could save you that amount on your premium in the first year!  Call me to discuss on 2028 2550617 or email

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