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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Guess who is off to Waterloo this summer?

"Archaeologists to excavate Napoleonic farmhouse defended by Coldstream Guards in Battle of Waterloo"

Hougoumont farmhouse
The Defence Archaeology Group led by Diarmaid Walshe will be excavating with Prof Tony Pollard's Glasgow University team at the site of Hougoumont  - a key location during the Battle of Waterloo.

James Gramam
Hougoumont is a cluster of 12 buildings situated in woodland directly below the main position selected by the Iron Duke to break up the advance of the French infantry.  As the battle reached a critical moment, with 14,000 French soldiers on the brink of breaking into the compound and securing victory, Corporal James Graham, a 24-year-old guardsman, closed the large gates of the farm while under fire.  

According to Mark Evans, “Every guardsman from day one in training is told about Waterloo and Hougoumont and what that means to be a Coldstream Guard.”

Mark Evans is a former Coldstream Guards officer, who narrowly escaped death while fighting in Afghanistan, and is a member of the DAG team (as I will be, though my excavation skills are rusty!).

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